Supply Chain Coordinator position with e-Sell Trading Services LLC in Petersburg, VA

Duties: Coordinate purchasing, storage and distribution activities between U.S.
locations and foreign suppliers. Conduct financial forecasting, analyze inventory to
optimize supply and reduce waste; coordinate cashflow. Evaluate and select
technology solutions to improve tracking and reporting of distribution, storage, or
inventory. Identify new suppliers in collaboration with upper management. Project
financial impact of routing, shipping modes, or rates, keep performance metrics with
suppliers and distributors. Review and update warehousing and distribution policies
consistently with regulatory framework.

Proposed salary: $104,500/year.

Requirement: Bach. in Econ, Mngmt, logistics or foreign equivalent; 24 month exp in
logistics. Send Resume to m.korostyl@gmail.com

Note: This posting is provided in connection with filing of an application for Permanent Labor
Certification for a foreign worker. Any person may inquire about Labor Certification
requirements or provide documentary evidence related to this posting to the U.S. Department
of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Office of Foreign Labor Certification, at 200
Constitution Ave NW, Room N-5311, Washington, DC 20210
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